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Welcome to BLUE DOOR Properties and the Blue Door Inn, my name is Katherine Goodman and I am your innkeeper.


With the desire to live on a river and restore an old house, I didn't anticipate that God would bless me with such a wonderful old building on the Mississippi River!  The building is included in Alma's National Historic District but it's history wasn't really known.  There was a stone house (or two) to be discovered under the lathe & plaster from the 1850s.  Original features were exposed and blueprinting was changed ... the building would often reveal treasures that had to be incorporated.


Setting out to provide a home for myself and a summer home for my parents from Texas, and to restore an historic building for the City of Alma was a huge project that I anticipated would take several years.  As we restored and reconstructed the building, the common theme from visitors to Alma was "What is this place?  Can we stay here?" 


This project has also been an outreach mission to the community.  As a Christian, this was an opportunity to employ local workers & craftsmen, to provide income to meet the needs of their families while demonstrating the value of restoration and that anything is possible.  Many have come and gone over the years, but I thank God for each and every one of them and the blessings they brought to me personally. Their imprint on the outcome of their work cannot be mistaken and there is great pride in a job well done.


There's still lots to do an historic property always requires maintenance but the Inn is open and receiving rave reviews.  Construction will continue and additional improvements will come in the future as we learn what our guests would like.  In 2016 we added the Cottage at Blue Door Inn and in 2019 we took on the management of a very special property, Inn At Big River Theatre.  As Blue Door Properties continue to grow, we will continue to bring your lodging experiences on Main Street, Alma WI, that respect the history & heritage of our community.


So stop by anytime, we would love for you to spend the night and you will see just how special others have found the Blue Door Inn.